‘Letters to My Future Best Friends’ is an experience. 


It’s an album.  It’s a book, independent of the album.  When the album and the book are experienced together, ‘Letters to My Future Best Friends blends reality and fiction to create an alternative world.


The album is a concoction I call Urban Rock Art.  Imagine cross-pollinating the fan bases of Prince, Nine Inch Nails, and St. Vincent for a Frankenstein musical style.


The book is sci fi meets dystopian nightmare inspired by transformational spirituality.  Imagine if ’The Matrix’, ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Sorry to Bother You’, and ‘Black Mirror’ hung out with Tony Robins and Kyle Cease at a protest march.


It is my intention that these letters share the stories I’ve learned along the path to untethered thinking with independent thinkers and feelers just like you.  People who have a dream and a vision and want to spread positivity to our world in their own way.


These are the letters I wish I had had when I was coming up.

It is my hope that you will join me in creating this collective 

so we can give this community a chance to grow into an even bigger reality.


You inspire me.  

Allow me to inspire you to remain curious 

and not allow others to define you.

You have the power to create and 

define your own purpose.